• Residential Transactions/Closings

For the purchaser and the seller, arriving at an agreed upon purchase price should be the most difficult aspect of a single-family home purchase. Your attorney should explain to you the contents of, and legal relationships arising out of a realty contract, and should negotiate, on your behalf, a contract that will protect your rights as a seller or a buyer. You should expect your attorney to “shepherd” your transaction from the moment that representation begins, through the closing of title. Because the law views real property as having unique qualities, there are strict rules governing performance of the terms of a realty contract. Subject to a mortgage contingency clause as regards the purchaser, and clouds on title (or latent damage to the house or other improvements in some cases) as regards the seller, both parties are obligated to complete the sales transaction. You should not sign any document concerning real property without first consulting an attorney.

  • Environmental

Sometimes considered an entirely separate and distinct area of practice, environmental law has grown immeasurably in importance as an aspect of real property practice. Governmental regulation of real property, in terms of environmental concerns, often brings property owners into conflict with local, state and federal authorities.  Christopher Modelewski, P.C. has both challenged and defended governmental actions under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) in New York State Supreme Court. Mr. Modelewski has experience in environmental matters before the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Suffolk County Health Department.